I love the new format of our newsletter. I particularly like to go through the Featured Members section as it such a good way to to get to know members. We have a large membership and it is difficult to get to speak to every one and even more difficult to remember names.

Thank you for the hard work you and Jeannie have put into the Newsletter. I’ve been a long-standing member of GCWA, and belong to several writing groups and have access to many newsletters, but yours is by far the best I’ve seen.

Hazel Barker

Feedback on Joanna Penn Workshop

Joanna’s delivery style is so energetic, her enthusiasm is infectious. Overall, very valuable.

Mike Clancy

Feedback on Joanna Penn Workshop

Enjoyed Joanna’s energy and personality and accent; the useful info; Joanna’s acceptance of very different people, levels and interests.

Lynette Reilly

Feedback on Joanna Penn Workshop

Joanna is so enthusiastic, she enthused us all as well. Joanna has given me a whole new medium to explore in marketing for which I am very grateful and determined to conquer to be successful.

Tina Ross

Feedback on Joanna Penn Workshop

Joanna’s style and enthusiasm was entertaining. Joanna embraced a very wide range of topics.

John Clark

Feedback on Joanna Penn Workshop

Joanna presented in a fun, informative manner, it was highly enjoyable. Well done!

Jennifer E. Taylor

Feedback on Joanna Penn Workshop

The enthusiasm, passion and knowledgeable information, presented in such an easy style. So much useful and comprehensive information to apply, with heaps of options to act on.

Angelika Heurich

Feedback on Joanna Penn Workshop

Fantastic energy, excellent useful information, clear and concise organisation, brilliant powerpoint presentation. Involved the group – appropriate workshopping/exercises.

Joan Small

Feedback on Joanna Penn Workshop

Enjoyed energy, the back up info so we could sleep through and still learn! PS. I couldn’t sleep.

George Lewis

Feedback on Joanna Penn Workshop

Amazing speaker. Held a room full of people’s attention with her knowledge and energy for five hours. Her presentation on all facets of the workshop was first class.

Fay O’Neill

Feedback on Joanna Penn Workshop

Everything great. Loved powerpoint. Inspired by enthusiasm, ways and means explained to utilise the web for promotion of the brand. Learning how to brand is superb.

Jill Smith

Feedback on Joanna Penn Workshop

Enjoyed all the information. Joanna’s bubbly personality. I had all the right answers and am inspired to try harder to get results. Thank you.

Marion Martineer

Feedback on Joanna Penn Workshop

Everything was explained so clearly. I can’t wait to start blogging and tweeting. I’m sure my new business will benefit from all this knowledge. Your speaking style and content is exceptional.

Andy McDermott

Feedback on Joanna Penn Workshop

Enjoyed Joanna’s enthusiasm and encouragement that I can achieve the goals I have. Your honest and unguarded sharing of what you know.

Amanda Worlley

Feedback on Joanna Penn Workshop

The information provided, and Joanna’s positive manner has encouraged me to believe I can do this.


Feedback on Joanna Penn Workshop

Great presenter. Extremely knowledgeable. People-aware person.

Jeff Allen

Feedback on Joanna Penn Workshop

Enjoyed the thoroughness of the presentation, the depth and breadth, Joanna’s amazing personality and energy.

Jeannie Barker


GCWA has continued to expand, educate and entertain. It is a vibrant organisation. You all do a wonderful job. Team GCW is first class! Keep on with what you are doing .You are enthusiastic, innovative, and deliver the goods.


Our committee has made an outstanding contribution to the development of the association. I think the agenda is great.


Keep up the good work! Your efforts are very much appreciated. Please accept my personal gratitude. Congratulations to a very hard-working committee.


Feedback on Phyllis McDuff Workshop

Your workshop on Writing Memoirs was not only inspirational but also practical, with many down-to-earth tips for organising material and writing an effective, readable and marketable autobiography.

You gave us a simple method to select the most exciting parts of our lives and organise them into a manageable whole.

Your presentation style was easy to listen to, easy to follow and easy to understand, and you gave us time to ask questions that you answered fully. You also set an example in how to present a book to an audience, both in your manner of speaking and your personal presentation. I have taken away much from your workshop that I will be able to apply in my future writing and publishing.

J. S.

Feedback on Phyllis McDuff Workshop

Thank you for the wonderful workshop you facilitated for the Gold Coast Writer Group.

Your way of systemising information was particularly helpful. Phyllis, I also appreciated the generous way you offered to help people individually and the assistance you gave me.


One of the things that drew me into GCWA was the friendly professionalism with which the group is run. Amongst other things, I think the web site and the newsletter are both excellent, gold star credits to those who manage them, and to our group as a whole. And the monthly meetings–I really look forward to attending. They are well-organised, welcoming, interesting, informative–and always quieten the rumblings of a cranky tummy!


I wanted to get in touch and let you know how much I enjoyed yesterday’s meeting. The positive energy and support was wonderful to see. I have joined the Association.


Feedback on Children’s Writing Competition 2008

Thank you for sending an award and prize for me today. Please allow me to attempt your writing competition next year again. I do believe that creative writing is a wonderful thing for everyone to learn. Thank you once again for my nomination.

Masaichiro Oi

Feedback on Children’s Writing Competition 2008

This is just a quick letter of thanks and appreciation for the Children’s Competition you hold every year. I have entered it often and just recently placed 2nd and 3rd in the 14-17 group. This competition is a fantastic way to build young writers and give them an extra boost. You’re doing a fantastic job.

Lauren Turner

Feedback on Children’s Writing Competition 2008

Please pass on our gratitude to the organisers of the Children’s Writing Competition and the GC Writers Association for their tireless efforts to inspire children to use their imagination through writing.

Daynia, Adam, Xavier and Aedan Ruth

Feedback on Karl Farren Workshop on Songwriting – May 2008

An adventurous and enjoyable day to expand the mind on different ways of writing lyrics, music and rhythm. Karl kept the workshop moving, with fun and interesting activities to expand our imaginations, and many examples he played himself and from CD’s. An exciting and creative day.


Feedback on Karl Farren Workshop on Songwriting – May 2008

Very user friendly, great musical examples and an attentive tutor.


After reading a snippet in the local paper I went along out of curiosity to the meeting on 20 February. The experience exceeded my expectations and I look forward to the next meeting on 20 March when I will join the association.

Amelia Willmer

Thank you so much for making me so welcome on my first visit to the G.C.Writers’ Association. You have exceeded all my expectations and I am very excited to now be a new member.

Tina Ross

I really enjoyed the Literary Luncheon. Everything about the day was fantastic. Great venue, great guests, interesting and entertaining guest speaker. I had the feeling he could have talked for a couple of hours easily! I really enjoyed talking with the author on our table, Marianne de Pierres (also known as Marianne Delacourt). She was extremely open and friendly and gave all the writers some good advice.

Anyway, can't wait for next year. The Committee did an awesome job (as always).

Kate Russell

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