In the interests of safety in current weather conditions, the meeting for February 21 has been cancelled.
Susanne Gervay has sent her best wishes and fully appreciates the need to cancel under current conditions. Susanne looks forward to speaking at a future meeting.
Our thoughts are with all affected by this cyclone, as well as the rain and winds.
Please stay safe.

Published Members

Dianne Baker

Hazel Barker

Julie Baythorpe

Heather Blackstock

Pam Cameron-Clarke

Nanette Clifton

Margaret Cornwell

Stella Davey

Pat Ferguson

Tony Ferrers

Gavin Fisher

Caroline Glen

Darryl Greer

Julie Hogan

Frances Johnson

Karen Knight-Mudie

Candice Lemon-Scott

Martin Line

Sarah Anne Lowe

Rebecca Marshallsay

Marion Martineer

Andrew McDermott

John Millett

Donna Mroz-Turcic

Laura O’Connell

Elena Ornig

Jennifer Phillips

Debbie Renner

Kate Russell

Nonie Sinclaire

Jill Smith

Rose Smith

Joan Songaila

Terry Spring

Lindy Standage

John Tassell

Jean Thompson

Kirsty Dallas Wood

Michelle Worthington

Robert Young

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