President’s News – June 2010

Greetings fellow writers

May was such a fabulous month I’m not sure I can stick to my usual one page! I attended Joanna Penn’s awesome author branding and marketing workshop, the Show Me the Money workshop presented by Gold Coast City Council and AbaF and the fabulous Literati Festival, as well as enjoying our regular monthly meeting with guest speaker Christian Tamblyn.

May Meeting

Christian Tamblyn

Christian Tamblyn

Christian Tamblyn’s talk on mythology in sci-fantasy was fascinating. I particularly enjoyed the fact that he pointed out how you can lose the reader if your story isn’t believable since I have experienced that myself with some novels in the vampire genre which stepped too far from the traditional vampire mythology for me; and yet I loved how Dean Koontz took the Frankenstein myth to a whole new, yet totally believable, level with his trilogy.

Christian also gave us a fabulous example of self promotion with his professionally designed banner and he demonstrated one of the key marketing strategies that Joanna Penn spoke of at her workshop. To make it clear to the reader what his writing is like, his promotional banner stated: for the generation that grew up with Harry Potter.

Darryl Greer made a great impression at the meeting wearing his promo Tshirt with The Election book cover image on the front and his website printed across the back. Daryl also arranged a book signing at the Borders bookshop at Robina. He is doing a fabulous job of marketing his first book.

Joanna Penn Workshop

Joanna Penn presented her author workshop to an avid group of would be bloggers and members interested in learning how to promote themselves in the first week of May. She extolled the virtues of blogging with WordPress and encouraged us all to set up blogs and implement a schedule of writing / blogging short articles in order to promote ourselves and our writing.

I hope to see many of our members take on this challenge and share the links to their blogs with us.

On Joanna’s website you will find a wealth of information of relevance to authors and she has recently launched her How To Blog For Authors And Writers multimedia

Show Me the Money Workshop

I had the pleasure of attending this workshop at Southport presented by Gold Coast City Council and AbaF. Topics covered included grants, sponsorship and partnerships.

It was a great opportunity to network with other arts groups and individuals from the Gold Coast and to share ideas in the brainstorming sessions. In fact, they used our 20th anniversary for a whole group brainstorm which resulted in a lot of ideas and several offers of ‘in-kind’ support from fellow attendees.

Literati Festival

I attended the author encounter sessions at the Literati Festival and thoroughly enjoyed the day. I now have a new list of authors and books that I simply ‘must read’!

Here are a few standout quotes from my notes on the day:

All writing is driven by a question. Will they get together in the end? Will he get away with it?
Garry Disher

Take a long and hard look at the things that pain you when looking for a theme for your book.
Michael Robotham

Riding The Black Cockatoo gave me my voice in writing and allowed me to deal with issues with my father and uncle.John Danalis

Writing gives you the opportunity to embrace the unexpected. Frances Whiting

To be original in your ideas visit old ideas in new ways.Dr Robyn Sheahan-Bright

Don’t be precious about your words – the delete button is your best friend. Dr Karen Brooks

Write what you dare not say.Dr Sally Breen

My congratulations on this event go out to Gold Coast City Council, Gold Coast Libraries, Friends of the Library, organiser Maryanne Hyde, and the individuals involved in presenting this event.

That’s it for another month. Hope to see you at a meeting soon.

Jeannie Barker

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