President:  Angelika Heurich
Vice President: Gary Ivory
Treasurer:  Janet Lawless
Secretary: Louisa Wright

Catering Coordinator:  Penelope Churchward
Competition Coordinator: Noela Cowell
Competition Receiving Officer: Louisa Wright
Event Coordinator: Jeannie Barker
Membership Secretary:  Karen Knight-Mudie
Newsletter Editor:  Vacant
Publicity Officer: Tracey Horton
Speaker Coordinator: Tracey Horton
Webmaster:  Jeannie Barker
General Member:  Gavin Fisher

Emeritus President: Julie Boyd


Read more about some of our committee members

Jeannie Barker – Webmaster

Jeannie BarkerJeannie was born and raised in northern NSW and spent 26 years in Sydney before returning to the region in 2002.

Her experience in web design and development, graphic design, marketing, eBook publishing, editing, training and project management serve her well on the committee. Jeannie enjoyed two years as President of the association (2009-2009) and was awarded the Andrew McDermott Annual Achievement Award in September 2011.

Jeannie has published several non-fiction eBooks and has had articles published in national magazines.

Gavin Fisher – Treasurer

Gavin Fisher

Gavin was born in South Africa. He studied there and worked as an Architect and Project Manager before relocating to New Zealand where he lived for 7 years with his wife and two daughters.

He also enlisted as a volunteer paramedic for several years and served with the National Sea Rescue Institute on numerous rescue missions. Other interests include flying and scuba diving.

Gavin now resides on the Gold Coast with his wife Caroline and currently works for an award-winning construction company as a Contracts Administrator.

Gavin’s début novel Colour of Greed is due to be launched early 2011. He is currently working on his next project.

Favourite Quote: Fiction [fik-shuhn] A literary work that avoids letting the truth get in the way of a good story.

Angelika Heurich – President

Angelika Heurich

Angelika has experience in various forms of writing, including blogging, articles for a local newspaper, as well as magazines and newsletters. Her personal journalling is the foundation of the book she first envisaged a number of years ago. However, there are other books also waiting to be created, and these may well take precedence, as she gains experience and practice wisdom.

In 2013, Angelika decided to bring mainstream qualifications into her holistic work, choosing to attend university for the first time. Undertaking a three year Bachelor of Social Welfare degree at Southern Cross University, Gold Coast, is proving to be both exciting and challenging. It brings with it the skill of writing from an academic perspective and opens a new approach to the art, as well as broadening her view of the world.

A member of the Gold Coast Writersʼ Association (GCWA) since 2005, Angelika has been on the committee since 2006. In 2011 Angelika was honoured with life membership for her services to the GCWA. Entrusted with the role of President for a second time, Angelika looks forward to working with a great team. The committee is not only focussed on expanding horizons for the GCWA, but also on building community partnerships and developing the Gold Coast Writers Festival.

Gary Ivory – Vice President

Gary Ivory

Gary hails from Queensland and grew up in Brisbane at a time when roads were still being sealed and out -houses languished splendidly across suburban backyards.  Educated as a teacher, and a Graduate of both Deakin and James Cook Universities, Gary has lived in many parts of the State and is now in his 38th Year as school principal.   His interest in writing has grown out of his teaching experience and continues to peek his interest as the influence of technology shapes and forms the modern writing experience.

Living in country Queensland gave Gary the opportunity to write as a correspondent for two provincial newspapers and later wrote for and managed one of the Brisbane Urban Newspapers.

Gary and his wife Penelope, lived in the Middle East for some time, where Gary worked for the Qatar Government as a consultant assisting in the establishment of the Independent School System.   While living in Doha City, Qatar, Gary took the opportunity to write extensively about this experience and his forays into Jordan and Morocco and shared these writings with a large following of interested armchair travellers.

He writes regularly for his school newsletter and is the editor of “The Coupler” the official monthly publication of the Gold Coast Theatre Organ Society.

A lover of music and a member of the Gold Coast Theatre Organ Society, Gary takes time out to play piano and organ.

Karen Knight-Mudie – Membership Secretary

Karen grew up in western NSW where home was on a large property with horses and dogs as part of the family. She has ridden all her life and her interest in dressage continues as she judges throughout Queensland.

Her passion for stories began in the outback with stories her father told about stockmen and animals. It is not surprising that this passion developed into study at university later. Karen holds a degree in English Literature from the University of Queensland, an MEd from Canberra University and a PhD from James Cook University. She has written extensively in the areas of Visual Arts Education, Creativity, Curriculum Development, Motivation, Semiotics and Personal Experience.

As an educator Karen taught in secondary schools in Queensland and as HOD was involved in all levels of visual art curriculum development and student assessment. In the university sector she was Team Leader, Expressive Arts Education where development of undergraduate programmes, supervision of postgraduate study, workshops in schools, public speaking, conference organization and publication were the norm.

Karen is a watercolour artist and has painted in Kakadu, the Flinders Ranges, Carnarvon Gorge, Mt Moffatt, Port Arthur, the Jondaryan Woolshed, Moreton Island and other locations around Queensland. Many of her works are housed in State and private collections.

Now retired, the joy of telling stories to her grandchildren has developed into a compilation of intriguing tales that Karen has finally published in ‘Yarns From Yandilla’.

Louisa Wright – Secretary & Competitions Receiving Officer

Louisa WrightLouisa Wright was born in the UK and migrated to Australia as a single woman almost two years ago.  Having always wanted to write a book one day; Australia inspired Louisa to follow her dream and she joined a Creative Writing class at the local TAFE.  Louisa made some friends also fellow writers and she began to write her memoir titled Rollercoaster the ride to OZ about her amazing journey both personally and physically to Australia.

Louisa would also like to write her biography then also look at writing in the romance/erotica genre inspired by Fifty shades??!!

Louisa is a qualified trainer and assessor in Business and Information Technology and has worked in vocational education for the last 15 years and currently works for a local training company on the Gold Coast.

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