I want To Travel With You by Jennifer Kathleen Phillips

Amazing true autobiographical stories with the theme of travel running throughout, including a death and resurrection experience. About the Author Jennifer Kathleen Phillips is a teacher, poet, webmaster, writer, preacher, songwriter, artist, photographer and publisher. She has self-published a range of fiction and non-fiction books.   She has been active on a number of voluntary committees including AFGW […]

Word Power Poetry & Poetics: visual digital & concrete by Jennifer Kathleen Phillips

This book contains  concrete, visual, digital and illustrated poetry and poetics by Jennifer Phillips with an article by Dr. Aprilia Zank. Some of Jennifer’s unique forms of poetry, such as her poems within poems, have been included. About the Author Jennifer Kathleen Phillips is a teacher, poet, webmaster, writer, preacher, songwriter, artist, photographer and publisher. […]

Yarns From Yandilla by Karen Knight-Mudie

YARNS FROM YANDILLA is a book of tales for anyone, any age, anywhere. It’s a collection of stories that mix magic with reality in a semi tropical location in Australia.   The stories provide a unique platform for learning about Australian animals; respect for the environment; co-operation between humans and animals, and increasing knowledge and […]

Yellow Dress Day by Michelle Worthington

Synopsis Ava wears a different coloured dress for each type of day – a red dress for hot days, a purple dress for rainy days and a blue dress for cold days. One whistling, whirly, windy morning, Ava and her puppy want to go out and play. But Ava’s favourite coloured dress was missing. Will […]

I Am An Experiment by Ashtara

Synopsis I Am An Experiment is a true story of Ashtara’s extraordinary multi-dimensional travel into alternate realities and her interactions with, and training by, celestial and extra-terrestrial light beings during regular meditation practices. The book is written from personal journal entries made between the years of 1993 – 2000. Her trainers asked that she record and share […]


Synopsis A book or thirty-four short stories for children by eight talented authors, one of them is me. For the eight to twelve-year-old reader in your family. About the Authors The Ten Penners – a collective of children’s story writers   Website:  thetenpenners.wordpress.com Genre:  Short Story; Childrens Fiction Price: $24.95 Buy the book: thetenpenners.wordpress.com

Dual Visions by Jill Smith

Synopsis Dual Visions is a Science Fiction family saga. The journey begins with Richard Davidson, a seventeen year old, running away from home. As he walks along a straight stretch of country road, leaving bitter arguments behind him, he walks into a cloud and is abducted by aliens. In space Richard finds himself one of […]

Colour of Greed by Gavin Fisher

Synopsis The Carnage… Staring at the grim devastation after Adelaide is rocked by an earthquake is not how David had planned to end his day especially when a building, his building, one that should never have collapsed, does. The result? Twenty-six people dead and dozens more maimed for life. David Burrows knows that the structure […]

Perfect Smile From Bangkok by Elena Ornig

Synopsis When you consider the quality of dental care for your health, you want only the best – if you can afford it. That best is now available in countries you would never have thought of just a decade ago; and for less than half the price you would pay in countries such as America, […]

The Queen of The Castle by Elena Ornig

Synopsis I am thrilled to introduce you to a remarkable woman – Renata Castellé. Renata doesn’t fit the usual profile of a successful business-woman. Too humble and too down to earth – now, she lives in the Castle she dreamed to build for herself. Taking on the challenges of life, she managed to stay true […]

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